Welcome! Jess at From Me to You … has opened this Virtual Assistance & Social Media Management business to assist authors in their day-to-day personal book promotion and/or self promotion.

This business opened in September 2016. Jess will do as little or as much as you’d like her to help you with, it’s a partnership with the main goal of promoting you, your novels, and/or your business.

Check out my Services page to find out more about what I offer!

** FYI – My family and I are moving soon. So don’t plan to have my businesses up & running again until the end of July or the beginning of August. I’ll be in touch for any immediate questions but either way please email me or use my contact form to let me know how best I can try assisting you once I am back up again. Best regards, Jess **

Note: I am setup to support ANYONE/BUSINESS that needs virtual assistance I just geared my services more to authors. Yet if you need any assistance please contact me as I should be able to help! =0)